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 Improvers level 2 lessons:

Lessons are held in the 20 meters Wendover pool and 15 meters Booker Park Pool.  This level ( Improvers 2) stays on the shallow end of the  Wendover pool, swimming widths only and lengths at the Booker Park smaller pool (lanes 1 and 2).  It is a progression from the Improvers level 1

Improvers Level 2 is a confidence and strokes building lesson -  4.30pm Thursday at the Wendover pool and 6.00pm at the Booker Park pool ( lanes 1 & 2).

Advanced lessons:


Advanced Levels are technique efficiency of 3 strokes and endurance building lessons:

@ 5.30pm Wendover pool on Thursdays

@6.00pm Booker Park pool on Saturdays (lanes 3 & 4)

Children swim lengths in both pools,they improve strokes and become confident and safe in the deep water with good basic technique of 3 strokes .


Elite group :


We have only one class for this level @ 6.00pm on Thursdays at Wendover pool.

Swimmers from the Elite group can be selected for the local swimming club if they wish to continue with swimming and would like to be competitive swimmers.

Fly drills are introduced at this level and we work at 4 stroke techniques including turns and racing starts.  



Our Staff :

Larissa Evison - Fastwater Head Teacher FIOS MIOS

Anna Evison - ASA Lifeguard

Fastwater swimschool adheres to the Principles of the General Data Protection Regulations and understands best practice for managing Information.