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Beginners and Improvers level 1 
Wendover Pool and Booker Park pool

THURSDAY :    4.00pm - Beginners
                          4.30pm - Improvers Level 1
SATURDAYS :   5.00pm - Beginners
                           5.30pm - Improvers Level 1

Class Beginners:
This level is suitable for children non- swimmers from age 3+. 

Improvers Level 1:
At this level children do basic front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke arms and legs actions. They swim their first ASA 5 m and 10 m Badge and Certificate.


Booker Park Pool

Saturday: 5.00pm - Beginners
                5.30pm - Improvers level1

Beginners and Improvers 1
Booker Park Pool is not available this term.
5.00pm -
Beginners AGE 3+/ Toddler club AGE 1+
5.30pm -
Improvers level 1
Class Beginners: 
Suitable for children from age 3. We welcome toddlers AGE 1+ with parents to joint our Beginner program in this
warm hydrotherapy pool.
Class Improvers Level 1 :
At this level children do basic arms and legs actions.They swim first 5 m or 10 m Badge and Certificate. Classes are held at this warm, 7m x 14m pool.

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