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I moved from Aylesbury swim club to join Maxwell swim club coaching team in 1993, I had a lovely group of swimmers age 7 to 11. Many boys and girls from that group became National swimmers later on. 2 swimmers : Ed Dawns and Craig Gibbons reached International level and one swimmer from the same group Kevin Brooks became very good GB coach, who ended up coaching his team mates Ed and Craig and even my daughter Anna. 
In spite Craig was the smallest and youngest swimmer in the group and came to me without any knowledge of technique and strokes, he had impeccable concentration level and excellent coordination. Very soon he mastered all the strokes and his talent in freestyle stood out with superb high elbow arm recovery and long stroke. In 1994 I sent him for his first ever swim Gala to represent Maxwell swim club where he swam in age group 9 and under being only just 8. I remember that I was criticised by The Head Coach for not using different swimmers of age 9 instead of Craig. But I knew he was very special!
I remember his mum being very nervous before his first Gala. I wonder how nervous she is now for sending her son to London Olympic Games 2012?
I want to say that I am extremely proud of Craig Gibbons and wish him huge success at the 30th Olympic Games!! I would like all the swimmers and parents of my Fastwater swim school to remember his name and support GB swim team and Craig.
Craig Gibbons has swam at the London 2012 Olympic Games on
the 29th of July fantastic last leg in the men’s 4x100 freestyle Relay  .  

The statistics of the Fastwater success is very good: from 30 competitive swimmers we send to swim clubs  - 22 swimmers are Oxs & Bucks Counties swimmers, 10 are South East district swimmers and 5 are National Age group and Youth swimmers.

These are the former Fastwater swimmers who achieved outstanding results at the Counties, District and National Championships.

Billy Martin 
Billy had an outstanding first County Championshipin 2010 with 9 gold medals and 8 County age group records. He picked up the award ( 1st BAGCAT place) for best overall 9 year old boy. In the age group competition at the South East District Championship Billy was 3rd overall at BAGCAT results. He had Silver in 200 Fly and 200 Back and Bronze in 400im and 400 free. In 2011 Billy has qualifyed for his first National Championship for age group 11 in 100 and 200fly.He had very good County Championship with 1st place in BAGCAT for age 10 with 10 gold medals and 10 age group County records. This year on his first National Championships Billy made National Finals and was 6th on 200fly and 100fly.  2015 was very lucky year for Billy Martin , he has won FIRST TIME  National Championships in 1500m!  His counties results 2016 were special too. He is a Junior Champion 2016 in 1500m freestyle and 400IM!
Lucy Chenery
Lucy is DSE National swimmer from age 14. Lucy has broken British record of 800 free in 2010 and 1500 free in 2011 during her Counties Championship swims.
Lucy has taken European Record for 1500m!
Congratulations to Lucy Chenery who swam a Record time at Guildford. Lucy achieved a time of 22:31.59 which is a European Record for the S14 disability category, this was nearly a minute faster than the previous record holder. We are very proud of Lucy’s achievements and hope she goes on to get more records in other categories! Lucy has been reselected many times onto the South East Regional Disability Squad This involves various weekends away with other swimmers and coaches from the Region. Lucy was part of the team GB who was representing Great Britain at the 3rd INAS Global Games in Liguria, Italy  September 24th - October 4th 2011.


Anna Evison
Anna Evison was National swimmer at the age 14 in 200IM. She was South East district finalist in  50 F/C, 100F/C, 200F/C, 200IM, 100Breast, 200Breast. Anna was Counties Skins finals winner in 2009. Anna has won Key Stage 3 Sport Personality of the Year Award 2009.
In 2012 Anna once again a National swimmer! She will be taking part in Sheffield National Youth Championships in August 2013. In 2013 Anna was accepted to Bath University to read Molecular and cellular biology, she was a part of the Team Bath at her University and took part in the National University Champs in 2014. Anna left her swimming in 2015. She will graduate from Bath Uni in 2017. This year Anna is having work experience in Oxford University Laboratories doing extensive cancer research with the international team of scientists.


Caralie Matheson
Caralie had superb first County Championship 2010. She picked up the award ( 1st BAGCAT place) for best overall 9 year old girl with 3 gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals with 1 County age group record. She is very gifted swimmer and training in Switzerland now.


Leah Picillo
Leah was National swimmer from age 11 in 200IM, 400IM, 100F/C, 200F/C, 200 FLY. Leah was South East Finalist in the same events. She was selected onto the English Talent Development programme - Level 1 camps. The Level1 camps are run in all 8 Regions and are made up of the highest ranking athletes from Nationals in the 12/13  age group. Leah has already attended her camps in Portsmouth and found the experience very rewarding and challenging. In 2011 Leah has won Sports Scholarship to the Kelly College public school and will be boarding pupil there from September.  Recently Leah has won Key Stage 3 Sport Personality of the Year 2011. Wonderful Kelly College years are coming to the end where Leah enjoyed her studies and her swimming representing her school on the National Championships every year showing superb results. She has qualified for the National Championships 2016 and A level exams ahead of her this year too. Good luck Leah!

Thomas Elgar

( Second from the left, second row)

Thomas is former "fastwater swimmer". He is South East district and National swimmer representing Maxwell swimming club from age 10 and National swimmer from age 16 on 100m and 200m back stroke. He went from strengths to strengths from his first National Championships.  In the year 2014 Thomas  has already qualified for National Championships in 50, 100 and 200 back stroke! Well done Thomas!

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