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Child Protection policy and Code of Conduct
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  • Swimmers are at all times expected to show respect and consideration to each other and their teacher
  • Upsetting and intimidating behavior, physical or psychological may result in disciplinary action
  • Use the lavatory before the lesson
  • Arrive in good time
  • Listen to what your teacher is telling you
  • Think about what you are doing in the lesson
  • Do not lark around either on pool side or in the changing rooms


  • Remember, child is involved in sport for their enjoyment and achievement not yours
  • Be realistic about your child’s abilities. Do not over-expect
  • Teach your child good sportsmanship. Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake
  • Be encouraging to your child but do not teach him or her. A little knowledge is dangerous.
  • Be positive about the school and how it works
  • If you have a question for the teacher then please ask her or him at the end of the lesson. Never come onto pool side while the teacher is teaching.
  • Do not talk to your child during the lesson or distract him or her.       


* All fees to be paid for each term in advance.
* No watching children on the poolside, wait at the parents’ area only.
* No refunds are given.
* Withdrawal from any class require written notice for a full half term in advance.
* You have agree to give a half term’s notice mid-term of a child intention to leave Fastwater school at the end of that term or pay a half term’s fees in lieu of notice.
* Swimmers can make up missing classes during the same term only.
* Correct goggles must be worn each lesson.
* Enrolment indicates acceptance of the above terms and conditions and Code of Conduct